Chinese Medical Pediatrics

Presented by Alex Tiberi, L.Ac.

Marni Adhikari, M.Ac, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac :

"Feeling so blessed that these lectures are available!  Such a great teacher."



Counterpoint Wellness :

"Been watching this incredible Pediatrics course--I highly recommend it to any fellow practitioners interested in working with kids

  (although the information is valuable whether or not you work with kids). The videos are up until the end of July."


 Luriko Ozeki L.Ac.:

"Grateful that Andrew L. Kingoff made Mr. Tiberi's class available for those who couldn't take his class before his passing.

 I had the chance once right out of TCM school to listen to Alex Tiberi speak at the PCOM Symposium, and boy, I thought he had such a beautiful soul and an amazing, deep grasp of our wonderful medicine. He was one of my favorite speakers at that symposium. So getting to listen to him now, on my favorite subject, Chinese Medicine Pediatrics, is a true treasure of an experience. What a whole new level of understanding and depth to my knowledge, and I am deeply grateful for this education. Mr. Tiberi, you are thoroughly missed, but your legacy continues.

Thanks Andrew for doing this."

Robert Kienitz, L.Ac.:

"Chinese Medical Pediatrics with Alex Tiberi is a wonderful presentation on one of the most challenging age groups for any medical

practitioner. Alex not only knew his diagnostics and medicine spot on, but had a wonderful rapport with children. In this presentation, my

young son was the demonstration subject; he and Alex developed an instant fondness for one another and my son reported that he was

very happy for the experience. I highly recommend this and other SoEnlightening distance learning programs, especially those with Alex

Tiberi, you will learn more and more with each viewing and as an added bonus, Alex is very entertaining as well!"


Susan Sandin, L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl Ac, Dipl CH, E-RYT500:

Alex Tiberi is down to earth, warm, and caring.  He has a deep love and respect for Chinese Medicine and it shows in his presentation style.

I find listening to him very motivating. As both a professor and clinician, his experience is vast and he is willing to share not only from the

Korean family tradition in which he was originally trained, but also from his years of being in clinic. Alex has a good sense of humor which

keeps his teaching lively.

Alex had a unique gift with children. His warmth and humor made him approachable and children instantly trusted him. Few could mimic his

down to earth goofy humor, but watching him will help practitioners develop their own style and draw on their own strengths in Pediatric

practice. I was honored to attend this unforgettable workshop live and am so grateful I did.

 It is an opportunity to study with a true master in the field whose enthusiasm is contagious and whose experience is invaluable. He treats a

child with these methods, so it is not just lecture—you get to see him at work and see the wonderful interaction and rapport he develops.

He even suggests methods of incorporating stuffed animals into treatments routines for younger children.

 If you have wanted to incorporate Pediatric treatment into your practice, but lack confidence or experience this workshop could build the

bridge between thinking about it and doing it.