Chinese Medical Pediatrics

by Alex Tiberi, L.Ac.

Co-Founder of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

This class was originally presented in March of 2010. It is ideal for Acupuncturists, Chinese Herbalists, and students of Oriental medicine. It provides a solid overview of Pediatrics from the perspective of Chinese Medicine.  You will learn the specific needs of children and how to apply your training to this special patient population.

Chinese medicine offers many effective, gentle, and safe treatments for most common childhood conditions. These methods have been proven on billions of children over centuries across much of Asia. Learn when and how to apply these techniques to infants, children, and adolescents. Equally important, learn Alex's techniques for managing children and parents, both in their expectations and compliance with dietary and herbal therapy.


Alex Tiberi practiced and taught Oriental medicine for over 30 years.

He was a former clinic director at and founder of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Pediatrics was his favorite topic to teach. He felt it should be a primary part of our education and professional practice.


Watch Alex go from Theory to Demonstration as he performs Acupuncture, Moxabustion, Electro-Stim, Tuina, & Shonishin on a child volunteer.

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Full Seminar Outline


Chinese Embryology

A. Four Pillars of Conception

B. Embryological Development


Unique Characteristics & Physiology of Children

Developmental Stages & Cycles of Children

A. Biomedicine

B. Traditional Chinese Medicine


Pediatric Therapeutic Methods

A. Overall balancing methods

B. Pattern specific root and branch treatments


Pediatric Tui-Na and Shoni-Shin

A. Hand Techniques

B. Tui-Na microsystem of hand and arm

C. Tui-Na points on head and body


Causes of Disease in Children

A. Heredity and Birth Trauma

B. Child Rearing Issues

C. Emotional Stress

D. Diet

E. Poisons

F. External Pathogens


Diagnosis of Children


Parenting Techniques


TCM Children's Treatment Methods


A. Four Preparations

B. Acupuncture

C. Moxibustion

D. Cutaneous Electric Stimulation

E. Ion Pellets and Magnets

F. Herbal Medicine

G. Patent Medicines

H. Topical Herbal Applications


Common Pediatric Disorders


Common Cold, Fevers, Flu, Respiratory Infection

Intestinal Blockage

Cough (Bronchitis and Pneumonia)

Umbilical Disorders

Wheezing (Asthma)

Infantile Jaundice

Ear infections

Cerebral Palsy


Failure to thrive

Sinusitis and Rhinitis

Weak Constitution

Chronically Swollen Lymph Nodes



Hyperactivity & ADD

Lack of Breastfeeding in the Neonate




Diarrhea and Dysentary

Rectal Prolapse

Eye disorders: Conjunctivitis, Strabismus, Retinitis  Constipation

Skin Disorders: Exzema, Psorasis, Contact Dermatitis

Chinese Medical Pediatrics