Face of Emotions

Presented by Nate Novgrod, L.Ac.


Emotion is one of the most important and least understood aspects of human behavior and health. Emotion, more than reason, drives our behavior, defines our goals, and reflects who we are on the inside. A great deal of human interaction is based on how we express our Emotions and how we react/interpret the expression of others. These subjective experiences shape our motives and self-image.


Despite its great importance, Emotion is often overlooked, under valued, or completely disregarded by mainstream healthcare systems and providers. A patient's Emotional state is often regarded only to the extent that it is a problem for the healthcare provider. In many cases, it is dismissed outright simply because it is regarded as too subjective.


In Chinese medicine, the 7 Emotions are an integral part of diagnosis. Unlike Western psychology, there is no dichotomy between mind and body. Emotions are a reflection of the physiological state of the body and vice versa. Emotional expression provides insight into the internal state of others, a window into their health and behavior.


This course is an unusual blend of Western science & Chinese medicine. It explores both sides of the Emotions and how they are expressed. It will cover facial anatomy and expressions that are scientifically proven to be universal and how they manifest within the body.


Faces of Emotions covers what agrees and what disagrees between the different perspectives and how to use one to strengthen the other. Additionally, it covers how to incorporate these ideas into treatments for patients. The second part, Day 2, focuses on the rest of the Universal Emotions, Sadness, Surprise, Fear, and the Universal "No Face" and Shrug. By the time Day 2 is over, you will be better prepared to understand patients' Emotional state and apply that to achieve better outcomes.


If you have ever thought about gaining a deeper understanding of Emotions, how the body and face express them, or how Chinese medicine views the emotions, this is a class for you!


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