Building an Herbal Pharmacy

Presented by Andrew L. Kingoff, MSOM, L.Ac.


This 3 hour course demonstrates how to build an herbal pharmacy. Intended for beginner and intermediate practitioners, it shows the essential categories and the patents of choice within each. It covers prescriptive methodology and practical matters like ordering, shelving, and pricing. Students will learn how to start with a budget of $250, $500 or $750.


In 3 hours, you will know what essentials to have on hand, which can wait to be special ordered, and how to expand as your patient base grows. Whether colds, allergy, headache, chronic pain, or nausea, you'll be prepared without making a major investment in products with a shelf life. Having the right patents improves outcomes, reduces risk, lowers costs, and improves compliance.


$45 for 3 CEU/PDA: California Provider # 1215


How does this Online course work?


Now that the live event is over, you can watch the recorded version for a year from date of purchase. After watching the class, simply request the exam by email. You have 24 hours to complete and score 70% or higher to receive credit.


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3 CEU/PDA for $45.00