2015 Nepal Earth Quake

 Bring Relief Through Healing

"If you participate, you have my heartfelt thanks!"

 Honora Lee Wolfe, L.Ac.

On April 25th, Nepal was struck by a 7.8 Magnitude Earth Quake.

Currently 8,000 Dead, 19,000 Injured,

 450,000 People are Displaced.


Mindful Medicine Worldwide

operates two clinics in Nepal.


Their Chanauti clinic was badly damaged and in need of repair.

These clinics provide Eastern & Western Medical Care for many villages.

They desperately need your help to rebuild so they can provide care to the many thousands in need.

Please join our effort to bring Relief Through Healing to Nepal's people.


When you Donate $50.00 or more to Mindful Medicine Worldwide, you will be able to view Honora Lee Wolfe's "Clinical Pearls" online as a token of her gratitude for your compassion.

Honora created this class to share her greatest tips, techniques, and protocols. Now, she hopes it can be the inspiration for giving as well.

Clinical Pearls is accredited for 6 Distance Learning PDA by the NCCAOM and California Board.


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