Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I have to watch the online version of the class?


You can watch and rewatch it until 11pm EST, May 17th. This gives you 2

watch and re-watch the class. People who attend live will also receive

access to the online version through 11pm EST, May 17th.


Does this class count as "Live" hours?


That depends on the rules of your state. Some states, particularly California,

award live PDA credit for this class. Check with your state board to see

if you will receive live or distance learning credit for Micro 48.


How do I get my Continuing Education credit (PDA's)?


If you attend in person, you will receive a certificate at the end of the course on May 3rd. If you are watching online from California, you will receive your certificate by email by May 5th.


If you are watching online and you need NCCAOM PDA's, you will need to take a simple, short answer, 10 question, multiple choice exam. It comes from the main points of the lecture. You have 24 hours and may use your lecture notes during the exam. You must score 70% or higher to receive credit. Please allow 48 hours for exams to be graded and certificates emailed to you.


When you have finished watching both days of the class and feel ready for the test, reply to the registration email with the word "Test" in the subject line. You will receive a 10 question test in short answer format. You will have 24 hours to complete this test and email it back. For convenience, that email address is


Will the online class play on my device?


It will play on any device that can play a YouTube video, but you will need a Gmail account. If you do not have one, you can get a free account at


Can I register multiple people with a single purchase?


If you would like to register more than one person with a single transaction,

it is easier to do that over the phone. Please call Andrew at (910) 791-3349

and you can provide the names, email addresses, etc so that everyone can

be registered as a single transaction.


Why does my PalPal receipt say it is from "Southern Acupuncture"?


Southern Acupuncture is the name of SoEnlightening's parent corporation.