Smoking Cessation with Oriental Medicine

Presented by Andrew L. Kingoff, MSOM, L.Ac.

This online class examines Smoking Addiction in terms of Oriental medicine. It shows how this addiction manifests in terms of Zang-Fu, 8 Principles, the Horary cycle, and the 5 Elements. You will learn why people take up the risky and expensive habit of smoking despite the initial unpleasantness. More importantly, you'll learn what is behind the cravings, Why people continue to smoke. Habitual smoking is not simply nicotine addiction.


In just two hours, you'll be able to differentially diagnose patients in meaningful, clinically relevant terms. You will be able to use that information to structure effective treatment protocols with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicines, and Diet. Of all the things we can do for a patient, few will have a greater impact than helping them quit smoking. Ex-smokers are also great source of referrals. People take notice when someone quits a lifelong habit.

For just $30, you get more than just two CEU/PDA, you learn how to treat one of the most dangerous substance abuse disorders with Oriental Medicine. You also get an entire year to watch and re-watch at your convenience.

2 Category 1 PDA's California Board

California Provider # 1215


"I like Andrew Kingoff's application of differential diagnosis and the combined use of acupuncture and herbal medicines to treat smoking addiction. If you treat smokers, I recommend you take this class."


Dr Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, L.Ac.

1999 Acupuncturist of the Year (AAAOM) & 2006 Teacher of the Year (AAAOM)


How does this Online course setup work?


Now that the live presentation is over, you can watch the recorded version for a year from date of purchase. Once you register, you will receive an email with the lecture notes and instructions to get your CEU's. You will receive a second email with a link to watch the course.

After watching the class, simply request the exam by email. You have 24 hours to complete and score 70% or higher to receive credit. All the details come in the registration email.


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Smoking Cessation