Jade Dragon Qi Gong & Tai Qi Chuan

Dr Robert Kienitz, Dipl Ac, DAc, LAc

This Webinar contains expert instruction in the theory and practice of Qi Gong & Tai Chi Chuan. These are among the fundamental arts of Chinese medicine and Healthy Living. Learn why they have been in continuous practice for 1000's of years! The instructor is a martial artist and career Acupuncturist, Dr Robert Kienitz, L.Ac, D.Ac. (RI). For more information about the instructor, visit his website, Atlantic Acupuncture.


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Amazing Jade Dragon System

By Howie Lee


"Back in the 90's, I did Tai Chi for about 3 years, but fell out of practice. I

wanted to take lessons again, but my work schedule makes that difficult.

I really like the beginning. The teacher uses charts to explain the theory

behind Qi. Then he explained how Qi circulates through the body and how

to guide it with your mind and movement."

Since I started the Jade Dragon routines, I've improved my balance, posture,

and sleep. Most importantly, I've learned how to relax. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to reduce stress and improve their balance and flexibility.


Very well done !

By Don Qi


"Dr. Robert presents Qigong in a very systematic, step by step format. He is very articulate on the basic theory of Chinese medicine and Qigong and the video quality and graphics are very professional. I rate this video five stars and then some!!"


Exercise for moderately disabled.

By Theresa D'Amica


"Slow, articulate movements that I found relaxing and invigorating at the same time Wear comfy, stretchy clothes to maximize movements. Complete exercise for increasing flexibility, toning, and concentration."





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