Shen Disorders - Webinar Reviews

Presented by Alex Tiberi

12 PDA


Jeanie Mossa M.S., L.Ac. I just finished the distance learning class, Spirituality in Chinese Medicine with Alex Tiberi and I am still buzzing with inspiration! What a delight to be watching the late Alex Tiberi convey pearls of wisdom on treating complicated syndromes through his humorous stories and animated teaching style. The class also presented unique acupuncture techniques and herbal recommendations for complicated cases. Alex was one of my favorite professors at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and watching this class brought back precious memories and reminded me of the kind of practitioner he encouraged us to become. Thank you! Andrew Kingoff, MSOM, Dipl Ac., L.Ac.: "Alex Tiberi was a remarkable person. He was a gifted healer, teacher, martial artist, and one of the founders of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Though best known for teaching Pediatrics and Yang Sheng, one of his best classes was this two day lecture on Shen Disorders. Susan Murch, L.Ac. Thank you! This class was one of my all time favorites! Alex was exceptional in every way. I will certainly check out the pediatrics class! L.A., L.Ac.: "Thank you again for making his recording available - I am so grateful to be in his presence even only through this online class! I view this truly as a gift. Thank you!" Jeremy V. Pulsifer: "One of the greatest practitioners of East Asian Medicine, and absolutely one of the finest souls to ever inhabit the universe. You must experience this." Marni Adhikari: "Thanks so much. This was an inspiring course." Kristen Horner Warren: "The course is fantastic. I've only watched an hour so far and have already had a dozen "a ha" moments." Bethleigh Flanagan: "Wonderful! Alex's style is a super fun way to learn new techniques. You will remember them forever." Kyla Boles: "This is great! I Can't wait!" Bill Helm: "The miracle of video" Ty Crow: " I just wanted to tell you that I finished Shen Disorders. WOW that was great!" Susan Sandlin, L.Ac. Dipl Ch: " Alex Tiberi is down to earth, warm, and caring. He has a deep love and respect for Chinese Medicine and it shows in his presentation style. I find listening to him very motivating. While this workshop includes many amazing ideas for herbal treatment, it is not too heavy on herbal information like I have found some to be. Beyond the obvious advantages of not having to travel, a great benefit of this format is that you have the opportunity to replay a profound comment and to listen to it again and again. I wish I had taken this workshop years ago." California Provider # 1215: 12 CEU/PDA NCCAOM # 685-029: 12 CEU/PDA Florida Board Approved $149.00


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