ElectroAcupuncture is a very commonly used modality in China, Taiwan, and Japan. It is less commonly used in the West due to cultural differences and

clinical training. This course explores how Electricity was introduced into the practice of Oriental medicine. From there, Dr. Kienitz explains how to safely apply this modality to treat Knee, Back, Shoulder, & Facial Pain as well as for Labor Induction and Facial Paralysis.


Dr. Kienitz has used ElectroAcupuncture for over 20 years, both in his clinic and as an instructor. It is one of his primary treatment modalities. During this course, he teaches you the indications for ElectroAcupuncture. He discusses which conditions benefit from this approach and why. Even more importantly, Dr. Kienitz teaches when ElectroAcupuncture is contraindicated. This course will give you the training and confidence to apply this modality safety and effectively.


In part 2, Dr. Kienitz demonstrates the Exact Treatment Protocols. He specifies the Acupuncture Points, Needle Size, Device Output settings, Duration, and Frequency of Treatment. These Acupuncture treatments are shown in full High Definition and were captured from the Apprentice Point of View. You watch from a better vantage point than standing next to the teacher! For more information about the instructor, visit his website, Atlantic Acupuncture.


This course is part of our "Clinical Essentials" series. It is for anyone who wants to improve outcomes involving a variety of orthopedic conditions. When treating Knee, Back, or Shoulder pain, your patients will benefit from these time-tested protocols. For Facial Paralysis, patients will recover normal muscle movement faster. ElectroAcupuncture is amazing, so why not amaze your patients with even better results than Acupuncture alone?


How does this online course work?


Recorded in January of 2016, this class has been edited and converted into a High Definition, Streaming Video. When you register, you receive an email with a link to download the lecture notes and information on getting the exam for CEU/PDA credit. Next, you receive a link to access the course and view it. You just click on the link and watch just like YouTube. You have a full year of access so you can watch and re-watch at your convenience. Click here for more information.



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TCM Approach to ElectroAcupuncture

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TCM Approach to ElectroAcupuncture

Dr. Robert Kienitz, Dipl Ac, D.Ac., L.Ac.