Yang Sheng

Presented by Alex Tiberi, L.Ac.
Co-Founder of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Yang Sheng: Nourishing of Life & the Prevention of Disease


This seminar focuses on techniques of health cultivation in Oriental Medicine drawn from the teachings of great practitioners such as

Ge Hong and Sun Simiao. Special consideration will be given to

promoting constitutional strength in the developing fetus, infants,

and adolescents.


This is a great course for practitioners of Oriental Medicine, Qi-Gong,

Tai-Chi, and Martial Arts. It contains valuable information you can relay

to patients as well as apply to your treatment strategies.


These techniques include:


Diet: Foods, Recipes, & Preparation Methods


Herbs: Non-toxic, seasonal usage to maintain vigor


Elixers: Toxic substances for attaining the enlightened

mental state of an Immortal!


Dao Yin & Qi Gung: Internal practices for cultivating Qi


The Pathophysiology of the Breast in Chinese Medicine


Prostate Health:


General Treatment of Urinary Tract Disorders

Exercise for the Prostate

Prostate Massage

The Prostate and Sex

The Sheng Jing Pill for Invigorating the Sperm


Sexual practices: Techniques of the bedroom are the use of sex for

health, and will include discussion of specific postures for treating

disease, correct foreplay for cultivating the Jing, herbs for enhancing performance and pleasure, treatment of sexual dysfunction, etc.


Recorded in High Definition Video.


NCCAOM Approved for 6 CEU/PDA

California Board Approved for 6 PDA: # 1215

$95.00 for one year of unlimited viewing.




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